275,000 dominoes, falling




They could have made a more poignant “Enjoy Your Life” display if they had used 150,000 dominoes, symbolizing the number of people who will die that day.


Such an amazing feat of ingenuity, patience, meticulousness, dedication, etc and they fudge it up by not filming it properly ( atrocious lighting - it dims the effect ) Nevertheless very soothing/entertaining to watch!


“150,000 dominoes, symbolizing the number of people who will die that day.” ?

Die where? in which place? infant/female/male mortality rate/total? in what year? is it compounded? standardized? fails to be poignant if the data quoted ( to which so far, only you seem to be privy of ) is not in support of the claim ( following logically, as your argument implies )

Not bashing/trolling, just seems ( to me at least ) an absurd/non-existent point to be nitpicking.


Is 275,000 the count that actually fell, or the total standing to begin with?


World deaths, all inclusive. Derived from a world population of 6.974 billion and an overall death rate of 7.99 / 1000 per year. 7.99 per thousand is a death rate of .00799 per person per year. Multiply by 6,974,000,000 population, you get 55,722,260 worldwide deaths per year. Divide by 365.25 days/year and you get 152,559 deaths per day, worldwide, on average.


Go outside and get some exercise…


The video is kinda fun, but it’s not a very impressive record - it’s only the record for “number of dominos in a spiral”. The actual world record for “total number of dominos fallen” is almost four and a half million, from 2009; see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PFtd2pEu2U. Or maybe it has even improved since - I don’t know.


I was a bit disappointed that some of the falls they set up failed to trigger.


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