29 Sumo wrestlers on a plane


This is the kind of plane I would be stuck in the middle seat on.


They fly in kimonos? Now that’s class!


there were snakes but they were eaten pretty quickly and proved rather unsatisfying…


At least they weren’t asked to buy extra seats.

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I’d want to be a Sumo wrestler for no other reason than the fact I can walk around in a robe all day long.

Of course I end up looking more like this guy:


that must’ve been a challenge for the flight and cabin crew, arranging all these fine fellows so that the plane is balanced properly.


Sumo wrestlers in black face? Racially sensitive Japanese is not a stereotype I’ve ever encountered. Disappointed once again to have my preconceived notions unruffled.

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Seriously, what would happen if the seated all these guys on the same side of the plane? Would it just tip over on takeoff and crash?

And that is a problem how? Nothing wrong with looking like the Dude.

Bonus points: insert your favorite Samuel L. Jackson quote!

OK, call to the photoshop/gimp guys. We need Samuel L. Jackson added to this picture.


So, in other words, it looks like any typical flight with a plane full of Americans?

And yes, I’d blend in just fine.

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I am reminded of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Midwest_Flight_5481

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Yep, black face.
I don’t blame Xeni for not having scrolled far enough down to see it. But let’s just forget this thing was ever posted on Boing Boing - remove if possible.

It looks like all the visible armrests have been flipped up on the plane, and the bus aisle appears to have been totally taken over. Speculate: airline excuses for trying to wedge one of these gents into the usual sardine class seating.

I hope somebody crunched the numbers.

Can those planes handle that much weight?

Balance might be an issue, as you wouldn’t want them all one side, but the cargo of people is a small percentage of the overall weight of the plane.

Also re the black face, I wonder if they put on some cosmetic mud for bed or something and then started goofing off.

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I sat next to that guy.

All of him.

Japan has terrible problems with both race and foreigners (foreigners being broader as it include even those 100% Japanese by blood but who were born and raised abroad), but I honestly think that there is some context missing here, and that blackface outside of the West (and the US in particular) isn’t the same as it is in the US.

Here, they’re using blackface to depict Psy/Koreans. Which is weird, and may reflect the real hostility in Japan towards Koreans, but is different than using blackface to depict people who are actually black.

Third photo from bottom, it’s Dara Ó Briain’s Japanese cousin!