30 years of graffiti layers taken from a wall in The Netherlands


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Wow, that pink layer though. That must have cost a lot…


Based on the other picture, it looks like there’s just a small amount of thick pink.


I suspect maybe much of that layer came from a bucket, rather than a spray can.


What did the Shroud of Turin do in 1988?

Also who or what is “Dick Butt?” I’d Google it, but I’m sure I’d find a lot of misleading information.



It’s a meme. I believe it exists primarily on imgur, reddit, and the uglier parts of the internet (i’m not saying imgur is part of the ugly internet, but neither am i saying that reddit isn’t). Note @8080256256’s picture. If i recall correctly, someone decided to draw “a dick with a butt with a dick on it’s butt”.
People are marvelously strange.



Thank you both.

I thought it might be something like that, or an annoying stand-up comedian known only to the Dutch.


Also Dutch and quite “famous”/known:

F&S about Snowden




You should also check out fordite.


“We don’t want to be cynical, so we are going to vote”
“Then we are going to flip a coin”



Completely correct. :slight_smile:

The other one:
"F&S have a tip for Snowden"
F: If you never want to be at front of an American judge, there is only one place where you can go.
S: …Guantánamo Bay.

Don’t need to explain they are highly cynical, black humour and political driven. :wink:


I would be more impressed by 30,000 years.


Fordite’s cousin, graffite.


Lascaux? Pfft; newfangled modernist rubbish. :wink:



1988 was when tests revealed the Shroud of Turin only dated to the Middle Ages. Meaning it’s not Jesus’s burial shroud.

Which, unsurprisingly, made no difference to its status as a holy relic whatsoever.


Well what if God… um… changed the test results? Maybe it’s a test!


God created us last Tuesday just as we are. Every memory we have of before then is a false memory planted by God to test our faith.