300 prominent economists call on world governments to end tax haven secrecy

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The myth of the victimized, over-taxed, virtuous, and morally superior [m]billionaire would be laughable were it not accepted as religious truth, not by me.


I’m scratching my head over this use of words.

The existence of tax havens does not add to overall global wealth or well-being; they serve no useful economic purpose. Whilst these jurisdictions undoubtedly benefit some rich individuals and multinational corporations, this benefit is at the expense of others, and they therefore serve to increase inequality.

So, they’re telling the governing powers (i.e. rich individuals and multinational corporations) that achieving their most desired goals is not fulfillment of an economic purpose?

This only makes sense if it was written for the peanut gallery - that is, for the rest of us, not those who control the world’s governments.


I guess we’ll get right on that after we’re done fixing racism and global warming. Really, right there on the list of Things We Should’ve Already Done that nonetheless are actually very difficult to do because they don’t affect people in direct ways.


Even worse, the people such rules changes would affect primarily have the means and access to make sure those things don’t change.


Give me a lever of campaign finance reform and I shall move the world!


Let me translate that for you:

“Pitchforks line up on the right, torches on the left.”

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Oh, did you think we were offshoring our money in order to boost your economy? How precious!

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