35 Secret hiding places in your home


Some of the smartest burglars read boingboing.


That list of 20 ideas had 13 ideas.


The rest might be cleverly hidden…


To be honest, if it was me building some of those DIY suggestions, I might as well install a big neon sign, with an arrow, saying “The money stuff is in here”.

My woodwork looks like it was done by a person who keeps their carpentry skills secretly concealed in a fake lettuce in their fridge…


That’s why you have to build several of these lowering the chance that the real hiding place will be found among them, unless you get an industrious thief (oxymoron?) that checks them all. You might even get better so that the first failures serve as a smoke screen for the final successes.

present company excluded? :wink:

They left out taped to the top of the toilet tank lid. I used to hide some cash in an old treadle sewing machine draw until my six year old finally discovered it. The problem is every thing that we can think of is by definition added to the list of places to check while we are robbing people.

I just tuck things behind the books on my library shelves and then promptly forget they are there. It makes a fun middle-aged amnesia fueled treasure hunt when I get around to cleaning in there. The ideas on this list just boost that the next level.


Isn’t that the obvious hiding place featured in every movie ever? I believe I’ve seen a few.

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Shallow Grave was the one that sprung to mind.

The URL suggests 35 secret hiding places in you.


Aren’t safes always hidden behind pictures/paintings?


Do not tape plastic bags against the filter media of your vacuum cleaner, unless you don’t plan on actually vacuuming. If the plastic bag is big and loose enough, you’ll burn out the motor, and even if that doesn’t happen, you’ll prevent optimum cleaning function.

Tubular metal components of furniture are often easily accessible with a minimum of tools.

(No, I didn’t read the article.)


It seems like a lot of these are cavities inside furniture. If you buy from IKEA, you’ll never be short of hiding places!


Required for this thread:


It’s like putting your hand in the pocket of a jacket that you hadn’t worn since last winter and feeling cash (please be at least a five…please be at least a five…).


True story.

Our hostel room got broken into when we were in Amsterdam. The locker in the room was forced, and everything in there was stolen - my passport, a friend’s wallet, another friend’s clothes.

The guy who left his mobile phone under his pillow didn’t lose anything.


I bet you could put your weed in there.


“Don’t look in the AT-AT…Don’t look in the AT-AT…Don’t look in the AT-AT…”

That image evokes a better hiding place for valuables: a beehive!

…applies only when you have one but anyway…

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I’m sure I remember a movie where someone had a pet lionfish and hid their contraband in a watertight jar buried in the gravel on the bottom of the tank.

Picture for gratuitous coolness

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