365 Things to Do With Lego Bricks - excellent activity book

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Eh. As a youth, these things were always frustrating for lack of proper instructions, and because the right pieces were never on hand. And I got excoriated by my siblings once for daring to use a piece from another pre-existing set.

It makes me question, despite all the fervor, just how much time people really spend using Lego “creatively”, especially in the wake of so many sets based on movies and television shows.

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Yeah, this would have been great when I was a kid, but now, every Lego set is for a specific item with detailed instructions. Then you’re done.
Imagination is no longer a factor.


How many of these things involve walking around barefoot?


but I don’t know if this excellent activity is covered in the book


I really hope the binding on this book is better than the other LEGO books we have bought; they almost all give out within a year where the spine attaches to the cover.

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There are still more generic sets around that you can throw together, and for missing pieces you now have BrickLink (where my young self would have spent all his pocket money if it existed then)


Oh Good god no! This would be a well of endless frustration. It’s bad enough that I never have enough pieces to execute my own grandiose visions. Inspiration is only thing I am not lacking when it comes to LEGO

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