3D-print your own Baby Yoda

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I, too, have been working on a seasonal 3D printed character! But rather than help Disney further colonize people’s headspace with cute nonsense, I thought it might be nice to remind everyone about Clement Attlee before Rupert Murdoch et al. succeed in erasing him from history entirely (looking at you, Netflix’s The Crown).

So I have made a pocket-sized 3D printable bust featuring the quote “a right established by law is less galling than an allowance made by a rich man”, and I’ve been leaving copies in public places in order to fix Britain politically. Unfortunately it’s not a great likeness due to my shitty drawing skills but hopefully it gets the job done.


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Huh. And all this time I thought the infant Yoda would be more “larval stage” like some kind of tadpole.

We did it! I thought Verizon giving us the chance to “experience” a linear parade in 360 degrees was the pinnacle of our technological advancement as a species. But now I see this. Now I don’t have to wait until April to be infantilized by the corporate masters . . . I can satisfy my primal urges instantly, just like a real baby! Our best minds should be proud.

Well, keep in mind this one is apparently 50 years into its development. There very well might have been some larval stage earlier on.

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Lawyers arriving in 5, 4, 3…

Hmmmmm. . . a fifty year childhood, idyllic that would be.

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