Putin your butt


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Mixed messages.

Is there a matching ball gag?

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Perfect fit for Obama anus.

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Good point. A true Maker would just upload instructions… no, wait… mail you the hand-typed instructions to whittle one out of an heirloom carrot.


Arrrghhhhh Unicorn chaser please… no wait ARGGGGGHHH!

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Well, I think Obama’s starting to realize how hard it will be to remove Putin from his…errr, Crimea.

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Ah the old “carrot and stick” approach as in “Here’s a carrot, stick it up your ass.”


What, what? Putin butt?

Perhaps the nose is there to supply that certain frisson?

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You only get out what you Putin.


if this were made by any other brand, it would be a dog chew toy


very lifelike, it has that certain putin stiffness that one comes to expect

i see Putin is invading to the south again. :slight_smile:

on a related note…
“we found 115 results for ‘The Baby Jesus Butt Plug’ at Target”

While it may not be an actual product at Target, it is hilarious that is is one of the top results in google. This is the downside of programmatically harvesting popular terms to drive traffic to search results pages which should not be indexable. Lol. Way to go target. :slight_smile:

It is an actual book though: http://www.amazon.com/The-Baby-Jesus-Butt-Plug/dp/0972959823

And it was assigned reading for some students: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/11/28/us-teacher-students-baby-jesus-butt-plug-book_n_4355099.html

The internet is a strange and wonderful place.

How about this instead?

I’ve been thinking for a while that 3D printing will take off once they can do it with silicone.


I always knew he was a pain in the ass.

Totes agree: Ewww!

They said he was unstoppable. Small, discreet: the perfect Crimea - no butts about it. His imminent invasion of the Netherlands is just a dirty rumor.