Russia declares trade war on U.S. after Trump reluctantly signs new sanctions bill into law


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"…the Trump administration had demonstrated “utter powerlessness.”

Oooh, that’s just got to sting the puppet with thin skin.


Astonished it took him this long. Still amazed he hasn’t gotten into one with China. Guess he really needs those ties.


I wonder if Russian oligarchs will retaliate against Trump personally.


This is a gut reaction and may quickly be superseded by facts I don’t have yet. But at first glance, a trade war is the one kind of war Russia can’t win with us, no matter how dumb or psychotic or complicit the president is. They need us much more than we need them in that respect.

Of course, it may be that Putin is not especially concerned with how Russia’s economy overall fares so long as he has power over it and a few hundred billion dollars stashed away under various friends’ mattresses.


It’s the type of war that 45 spent a lot of time blustering about how he will always win and is simply the best at. If his handlers are signalling their disapproval, it’s not a bad choice of venue to do it in.


I believe it’s time to release the pee tapes.


Well you guys wanted him. Don’t take it out on us!


The russian people already dislike the US. Any problem with the russian economy can then easily be blamed on US sanctions, US and foreign meddling, etc.


Tick, tick, tick…


I do like the motorised rotatory nipple buffers they show off at Russian press conferences.


“full-scale trade war,”

Cold War here we come again.


Full Scale Trade war? So what, no Vodka? What else do we get from Russia?

ETA - oh and caviar, maybe.


Russian butt plugs, ummm I mean nesting dolls, are going to get expensive.



Nah, Poland makes those too.

ETA - nesting dolls. I dunno about butt plugs…


showed the Trump administration had demonstrated “utter powerlessness.”

mmmmm. delicious


This is just Russia try to prove he isn’t their bitch, not buying it.


Rough estimate here, but last year the US bough around $8 billion worth of russian crude oil.

There’s a bunch of weird things that rich people like that come from russia as well. Mammoth bone cutlery, Fabergé eggs, political and social unrest only rivaled by the US’s own abilities.


I expect Putin will hold back from releasing them until he needs to distract the US from something he’s actually doing, like invading Kiev. Because the minute they are released the executive branch will be paralyzed and all of the US news coverage will be too focused on the tapes and the fallout to talk about anything else.


Now we know why Trump wanted to be president: he needed the Secret Service protection from the Russian mob after stiffing them. He can’t help it, he stiffs everybody, but Putin seems to be the only mark he’s afraid of.