Belarusian "sex expert" claims to have bombshell dirt about Trump-Russia connection


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The pee tape is REAL?!



This sounds like something out of “Burn after reading”.

She may have a real connection, but the odds of the information being as explosive as she thinks are rather low. Not to mention the huge incentive she has to lie in order to get out of jail.

Also… Thailand arrests people for this kind of thing? This does not jive with their reputation.


Mother Jones called attention to this woman’s claims back on February 13:

Aaaand here’s the video from Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. You’ll want to see this:


I was under the impression that there has been no shortage of links thus far.




Trump is terrible, he should leave the office.

This is terrible reporting based off of extremely thin ‘evidence’, you should feel bad having written this.

Remember that politically, what goes around comes around, the next democratic president will now have to go through the same poor reporting. You’ll want to complain about how biased the reporting is, then you’ll remember you wrote a post like this.

The Stormy Daniels story had evidence, this is nonsense.


future tense?


Ohh come on now, didn’t you watch that fine piece of Russian video evidence posted above? What more do you want?


This is a new slant on the Nigerian Prince scam; a Belarusian sexpert scam could be the update we’ve been waiting to fall for!


“Mind-blowing if true” claims very often turn out not to be true.


Velcome new comrade; are you disappointed?


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Let’s start a go fund me, oh maybe not…


My bad. From the video, he was only using his dinky runabout Elden.

ETA: It seems to have dropped off the “radar” since November. It’s highly illegal to switch off the transponder even in port.


You mean like the last Democratic president and all the stupid fucking birther and other nonsense… okay whatever dude.


From Mother Jones: Update (2/13/18): Oksana Baulina, a Navalny aide responsible for his YouTube channel, has released an email she says she received from YouTube, which appears to encourage Navalny to delete the video. If he opts not to remove it, “Google may be forced to block the content,” the email notes. Google, which owns YouTube, has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

My guess is that, if needed, Google will block the content; it’s all about $$$ with them.


@frauenfelder didn’t write this; he merely brought the situation to our attention and has provided the sources. He didn’t ‘create’ these sources or contribute anything to their reporting or conclusions. So he has absolutely nothing to feel bad about.


Oh, come on man! Give up on that fantasy.

I mean, who records anything on TAPE these days?

It’s a Pee Blu-Ray.