3D printed Barbie armor




This is the soft of thing I want Home Depot to print with a MakerBot


This almost makes me want to buy my daughter a Barbie. Almost.


This makes me want to buy my niece a 3D printer.


Since her hand shape seems to require she use a dandpatta or katar, I think a full set of Maratha or Rajput armor would be the best fit.

These are pretty awesome, though… kudos to the creators!


Free version on Thingiverse in a few days, I’d bet.


Now she can be the new Thor


With a built-in speech processor.
“Mjolnir is hard!”


The fine filigree on the gold one is very nice. Can that level of detail be achieved on basic MakerBots?


I would let her carry me off to Valhalla in her pink convertible any day!


Yes, these were printed on a MakerBot Replicator 1.


The literalist in me reads that and thinks, “how will they know if I print more than 3 suits of armor?”


Print the Barbie itself in many copies, then print lots of armor, and make a Barbie Army!

…and now I imagined a line of military accessories, including but not limited to a glitter-decorated bazooka and a pink tank!

(If said Barbie’s head is peeking out of the turret, is she wearing a tank top?)


Ditto, but my sister is still intimidated by the Mindstorm kit, and a printer would never get used.


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