3D-printed gun pioneer accused of sexually assaulting a child

A honeypot in the espionage or entrapment meaning requires the active use of that asset by the intelligence agency or police - them discovering you compromising yourself by having sex with a minor isn’t a honeypot.

It’s just a crime.


U know like Match, Farmers, Bumble, Ok Cupid, etc…

Assume much?


To be fair, he found her on a site called “SugarDaddyMeet(dot)com” – the kind of site that connects “generous” older men with women half their age. And this creeper is 30, so doing the math…

Still doesn’t make this a honeypot operation or a badger game.


That sounds like more fun than a one shot penis substitute.


Won’t SOMEBODY think of the guns?


Or make it any less illegal because of her age.


He is perhaps more of an anarchist than a libertarian. He is also the founder of Hatreon, a crowd-funding website for alt-right groups. Until it’s banking access was shut down it was popular with white-supremacists.

I didn’t mean for it to be ranked in any order of importance.

Citation required. You have no idea what most men or women want from sex work.


Poor Ecuador is going to have to rent a separate building in London for their diplomatic pursuits, on account of their embassy filling up asylum-seeking squatters.

What he is, apparently, is an all-around scumbag and a boil on the backside of humanity. (Also: being a libertarian has, sadly, never stopped people from being hateful white supremacists and bigots, ready and eager to apply all the coercive authority of the state on the people they hate, as long as they are allowed to do whatever they want.)


If anything there’s an affinity when it comes to the capital-L variety. One of the things I noted in research about the newest entrant of xenophobic right-wing populist parties in the West (this one in Canada) is how quickly the local freedom-loving Libertarians jumped at the possibility of joining with them.


Wow… this thread, tho…



Age of consent laws are in place because we umderstand that it’s easy for adults to manipulate kids, and because we know that kids often lack the experience and judgement to negotiate with adults.

“My detectives have interviewed and spoken with this victim, and in their opinion if someone mistakes their age, it’d be because she’s younger not older.”

Cody Wilson knew what he was doing was illegal, and as an adult, the onus is on him to at least make sure that she was of age.

Calling her a “honeypot” dehumanizes her and positions him, a 30 year old man as the victim of a her, a 16 year old girl.

He is not the victim here.


Anarchy means no rulers, not no rules. Most of the anarchists I know of do not look favourably on sex with underage people as it involves coercion, and Hakim Bey is not welcome at any of the groups I know of.

On top of that, anarchy is pretty much the exact opposite of the far right in terms of heirarchy and politics, whether it is individualist or socialist anarchism. “Anarcho”-capitialism and national “anarchism” are not anarchism, as they believe in hierarchy.


Holy fucksocks, the majority of this thread…


Won’t save you if she’s got a fake ID.

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Anarchy: absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual; a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

No rulers, and the freedom (and thus the rules) of the individual. So if the anarchist believes it’s OK to have sex with underage children then he is just exercising his individual freedom isn’t he? A group of anarchists looking suspiciously on something sounds like a group (of potential rulers) imposing (their rules?) on a freedom-seeking individual. An anarchist would not recognize such authority.

Honestly, not so much. I generally steer clear of gun threads.

I take an incidental interest in this because I don’t want to see the government cracking down on maker culture using guys like this as an excuse for more bad tech law when you can buy cheap firearms at anywhere in the US.


There’s more than one definition of an anarchist, which is part of its beauty. And just because you’re an anarchist doesn’t mean you’re automatically a sexual predator, or that your community wouldn’t hold you accountable for imposing power (being a sexual predator) on someone who isn’t ready to understand sexual power dynamics.