3D-printed zombie-proof tiny house


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I thought the bible was the extra toilet paper.


If you want a zombie-proof dwelling then just build a treehouse. They’re called “The Walking Dead,” not “The Climbing Dead.”


All that glass. During the Zombie Apocalypse living in that house will probably feel like being a goldfish swimming in a bowl in a room full of cats. Besides, I thought steps or ladders made any house zombie-proof.

  1. Nothing with that many windows is anything proof.

  2. “a clean water system that takes moisture from the air” is something that is largely BS. Unless you live in an area with exceptionally high humidity, drawing water from the air takes a lot of energy with little reward. Don’t believe me, take your regular ol’ dehumidifier and run it in say a steamy bathroom and see how little water you end up with. Might work in a rain forest, but you aren’t hurting for water in the case.

I am just grumpy with the likes of like Waterseer and another company selling a water bottle filling from the air who are either snake oil salesmen, or people who don’t understand how the world works thinking their brilliant idea will some how defy the laws of physics.


is “tiny house” a term made up by bougie dickheads so they can pretend they invented living in a trailer without associating themselves with those who have to


Here’s one for you then. It’s not 3D printed but in the case of a Zombie attack who has the time?


We’ve traced the loud, raspy hissing. It’s coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE ! ! !


You left out the ukuleles, bananas, and brass gears.


All it needs is a little sanding and a coat of paint!


Nah, they’re just trying to avoid attracting tornadoes.


I live close to several off shore oil rigs. I always thought that would be a good strategy provided I had a fishing rig and some tarps to desalinate water.


heating and cooling systems, and a smart air ventilation system with oxygen level control.

“Ah good, there’s oxygen!”

That claim and they’re pretty vague about the wattage of their solar panel. There’s a definite smell coming from this.


Everyone knows zombies will break your windows.


We all know that Jesus hates trailer parks.


Depends on your franchise.


FLAGGED for implying World War Z is a valid example of a zombie movie.


Well, I didn’t watch it for the acting


Well, there actually is glass that would be perfectly safe (at least as much as a standard house anyway). The idea that glass is fragile comes a lot from it being made in very wide, very thin sheets.
Try to go against a security, 10mm glass. Short of explosives or a battering ram, don’t expect to get inside anytime soon (and in the case of the ram, that’s going to take some effort).

By the way, I’m surprised nobody’s found €59000 quite steep for a mere 36m².


Unless the zombie come up with a giant 9-iron, this should be safe: