3D printer in Minecraft


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That is insane. Wow. Serious dedication and smarts on that creator’s part. I wish I had that kind of skill. I wonder what’s next on his list to create? A turing complete computer in Minecraft? (although, come to think of it, hasn’t that been done already?)

I’m guessing he built that world using a worldgen type mod and some kind of script. I was hoping it would be some crazy piston monstrosity that didn’t use command blocks, but it’s still impressive.

I had a feeling that it would be a creeper.

The number of blocks used to build this tells me that DO loop blocks are sorely lacking from Minecraft.

Vanilla Minecraft has extremely limited automation. One big issue is that command blocks cannot affect other command blocks. Something like a simple counter that isn’t hardcoded is extremely difficult/impossible. You can build counters with redstone circuits, but getting the result into a command block is not possible AFAIK.

Plus, command blocks are cheating already. There are a number of mods that could have made this much easier/faster/more elegant/buildable without going into creative mode.

The design in the video takes a fairly simple concept and basically copies it for every single voxel in the build area, which is why it has such a crazy amount of duplication. It’s spooling out each chest into a huge line, and then doing a quick compare to see what kind of block is in each spot and feeding that to the command block. The framerate suffers because vanilla hoppers are horribly coded.

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