Minecraft running on a computer running in Minecraft

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This is incredible. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



1Hz, isn’t it? Which is still mighty impressive, given what they’re working with.

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Why do I feel like this is theoretically possible, but that this is (at least partially) mocked up. I would love to have more details, but the specs as shown seem too slow.

Reminds me of this hoax: Windows task manager runs Doom | ResetEra

It’s fake.

From the description of the video:

Done by taking the original pixels, then parsing to black and white and scaling down to 56x32 pixels. I spent quite a lot of time finding a good function to scale the brightness to try to make the contrast good.

Basically he took a normal Task Manager, recorded it, then edited in edited Doom footage, added % signs to each pixel to match the darkness at each frame.

Somehow more impressive to me: Geometry dash, including a functional level editor, built in the Geometry Dash Level editor - GEOMETRY DASH IN GEOMETRY DASH - YouTube

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All the info on the programme and hardware (including the source code) can be found here

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More impressive to me is the large ticking clock. Will they show it?

I think not!

The video is sped up millions of times, which they are transparent about. It’s doing something like one frame per week of the game.

We can be reasonably confident this is real because it’s incrementally building on prior work. There are lots of working CPU projects in Minecraft, lots of virtual video generators, etc. The new work here is really the port of a version of Minecraft to the virtual CPU instruction set of one of the existing known-working Minecraft CPUs.


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