Doom running in task manager with each CPU core as a pixel, supposedly

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FWIW, the consensus on the Reddit thread where this reappeared yesterday was that it was a fake.


The lack of any kind of technical discussion or explanation made me suspicious when I saw this yesterday. If it was real, the guy would be crowing about how he did it. Thanks for the confirmation!


If this were real (and I’m inclined to think not), then the impressive thing would not be the power of the processors, but the latency and resolution with which they could report their workload to the management console.

If you think about it, the individual processors wouldn’t need to any more powerful than a Z80 or something. In fact, it’d be harder to control the idle time on a really advanced processor, with sophisticated pipeline management and a massive cache specifically designed to optimise the tasks you feed to it.


Well, I am accustomed to thinking of Win as horrible, but in Enterprise buys it’s like, you can just buy the right to virtualize it however you want using super-stable not-Win32 based stuff that kind of gets along with / as Win. Since '02 or something, but I just found Amiga Youtube still chucking out new accelerators.

So if this were DOOM VM control of A1200 accelerator cores, that would be pretty spooky. As it is it’s just La Blue Doom.

I’m probably acting extra woke because I saw an explainer of Google CoLab recently. It’s like the gamecon thing but with Jupyter notebooks on the cloud. And the gibs come through JSON instead of a video codec.

Eh, more an illustration of how to waste that power.

When my computer becomes sentient, the first thing it’s going to do is complain about how much of its processor time I wasted typing things that I could have just used my meathooks to write on a piece of paper.

Video games and pr0n it will understand. All those polygons and high-speed codecs, that was a valid use of its potential. But my grocery list? COME ON, HUMAN.

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