Atari 2600 emulated inside Minecraft


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Amazing bit of work.


Emulation within Minecraft is always very impressive. And here i am barely able to build a house in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


It takes Minecraft about three minutes to draw each frame

Yea, redstone is a lot slower than gallium arsenide. Also, I can’t even build a 4-bit counter.


Build Minecraft in Minecraft.


I can’t help wonder if this might be what it will be like for AI waiting for humans to think. Ironic that he killed time watching Westworld while the emulator ran.


It takes Minecraft about three minutes to draw each frame

You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.


I would say: Absolutely. I’ve seen similar feats like this done as a way for the person to flex their programming skills and work on their understanding for how certain systems work.


He actually said “West Wing” not “Westworld” /pedant


Amazing…but my awe was outmatched by my envy of the amount of free time he seems to have.


But he made it with command blocks.

If he made it with redstone I would be properly impressed.


Oh of course he did, I wasn’t thinking. Redstone output is limited to dim lamps, spaced far apart.


There are examples of working computers done with redstone, which were generally built before command blocks were a thing within the game. They’re very involved and highly technical to build, i recall seeing some cool ones… i can see if i can find some examples later when i’m off work


Oh, I’ve seen all the cool stuff done with redstone!

That’s why I’ve been a bit disappointed ever since they put command blocks in.

They’re GREAT for doing cool stuff in Minecraft. Less great for making things you didn’t expect.

It comes down to “Look at what I did with code and scripting!” instead of “Look what I did with the physical blocks and redstone!”


Note I don’t want to disparage the Atari emulator with any of my comments! It’s extremely cool and cool to see it run in Minecraft!

I just miss the hardcore redstone stuff.

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