FINALLY! A working Nintendo Gameboy Advance inside Minecraft

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“Pokemon Fire Red.”

That’s so very cute.

Can they code up a GBA version of Minecraft to put on the GBA emulator next?


I’d say that some people have weird hobbies and too much time, but this chest hair isn’t going to braid itself.


This is a very misleading article. This isn’t an emulated GBA running in Minecraft. This is a replica of a GBA game running in Minecraft. There’s a very significant difference here.

ETA: I don’t want to take away from the work that was done here. It was clearly a massive amount of work. What’s annoying is I keep reading “this guy emulated a GBA in Minecraft” when they really didn’t – there’s no GBA hardware emulated here. What this person did was load textures from the original game and is basically reimplementing the entire game within Minecraft. That doesn’t make this any less cool – don’t get me wrong, but it’s like me saying I’m “emulating a PDP-10 in a web browser” because I rewrote Zork in a set of HTML pages.


I agree. One could argue that it’s emulation in the sense of the non-computing world, but as this is a computer, we should stick with consistent jargon. This guy is rebuilding a game within minecraft, and putting it inside the “shell” of a device that looks like a GBA. You can’t actually play “Pokemon Fire Red” as the replica is pretty limited.

This guy should download Unity next!


Yeah – in the most pedantic and literal sense, sure it’s emulation.

In computing terms, “emulation” has a very specific meaning so I bristle at its use here.

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Actually, “to imitate as to surpass” is the non-computing definition of emulate, so I don’t know if this qualifies.

I think I reached peak pedant.

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OED also uses “imitate” as a synonym which is appropriate here.

Does it provide any example sentences for that sense?

Not from the dictionary, but, “He emulated his father’s example by joining the military” would fit that that definition.

I guess I just want to see the word ‘simulacrum’ used more frequently.:broken_heart:


It is true that this isn’t an emulator; but I would say that it is much better about the “running in Minecraft” aspect of things than some of the ‘zOMG look what they made in Minecraft!!!’ stuff is.

They’ve unfortunately deleted all the stuff on github for some reason, so the technical details are now a bit sparser; but something like the ‘cellphone in minecraft’ involved using a library(which they did craft for the purpose; but in a standard programming language for execution outside of minecraft) that pretty much just generated and swapped in textures on a large rectangle of Minecraft blocks to allow it to be used as a crude framebuffer.

Nothing wrong with that; but only ‘in minecraft’ in the very loosest of senses. If we are going to have crazy minecraft widgets; I’d take less sophisticated ones implemented entirely inside over more sophisticated ones basically just using minecraft as a particularly perverse UI any day.

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Obviously, given that this isn’t a proper emulation in the usual CS sense of the word, we’ll just have to make something that IS Pokemon Fire Red being emulated in Minecraft.

In Excel.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it largely gets “disappeared” thanks to the recent media attention to this project combined with Nintendo’s notoriously calm and reasonableoverzealous IP lawyers.

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Why do you hate joy and fun? Why?


Duty called!


“Wrong*” needs to be in quotes, if not also with an asterisk, when you use it like that.


I’ll let you take that one up with Mr Munroe. :wink:

That’s not a hill I’m going to die on.

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Yeah, for points they should be using something really perverse as the UI. Like The Game of Life, or Pong.