3D printer that draws pictures in jello shooters


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This could lead to people saying they had a square meal…Clinton would be proud.

Pretty neat, horrid youtube comments. I liked the suggestion about doing this in clear epoxy for cool art designs.

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Does anybody know if the protease enzymes that cause certain fruits to be jello-incompatible are merely capable of preventing it from setting or whether they can disrupt a partially or wholly set collagen matrix?

If it’s the latter, you could theoretically ‘print’ fairly complex voids in an otherwise continuous gelatin block (presumably, you’d want to do the injecting mid/late in the setting process, so the needle holes will heal; but the areas injected with protease enzymes will remain fluid and can either be drained, if connected to the outside, or replaced by injecting the desired filler if they are sealed voids).

I’m not quite sure why you would want a chunk of jello that has a complex internal channel structure; but I suppose that replacing plebeian jello shots with transparent fluidic logic blocks capable of mixing the correct beverage ratio for a given cocktail automatically would assure your permanent position in the lore of geeks getting shitfaced… It would also look pretty cool, especially if you used undyed gelatin with distinctively colored beverage components…


You could make really cool models of cells or maybe even organs that way.

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