Video: Eric Standley's incredible laser cut paper sculptures


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Truly beautiful work. It reminds me of the work of New York artist, Lane Twitchell. I love the intricacy!

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It’s kind of verging on 3D printing. If you could make successive paper layers adhere you could 3D print solid paper sculptures.

Actually, there are some 3d printers that work by cutting paper sheets.


If you could deposit an ink that would either preserve or destroy the paper you could do away with the cutting laser.

He needs to do one of these in metal using a water jet or plasma cutter and make something on the architectural scale. These are beautiful, but THAT would knock yer damn socks off!


With ink deposit together with the laser you can make truecolor printouts.

But your idea is intriguing; add fifth ink that degrades the paper. (Possibly the “normal” inks could enhance the paper’s durability against the fifth one, so the “cut” would be better defined.) Maybe some acid, maybe some enzyme?


Like the the enzyme cellulase produced by microbes in termites’ guts that allow them to digest cellulose?

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Yes, that could possibly work!

Also, thought. What about gene-splicing this enzyme into human gut bacteria? Could allow us digesting cellulose and alleviate some issues with food production.

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