3D realtime map of objects in Earth orbit

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The “find all objects from this launch” option is eye opening.


The Iridium 33 collision debris field is massive.

That’s allot of nuts and bolts wizzing around the planet at high velocity.


Fixed that for you.

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True that. Here’s another visualization (that I found in the youtube recommendations after watching the one you posted).


We need to be careful not to trigger the Kessler syndrome. It could be devastating to our space activities.

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If I were a billionaire I would pay India to launch a hostile manueverable satellite that I use to approach and hack all the state-owned surveillance ones.

Maybe I should just write a short story!

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It would be helpful if I knew what search terms to look for.

I searched for “ISS” and got about a dozen results.

Of those results, ISS (Zarya) is the International Space Station.

Zarya (“Sunrise”) is the name of the Russian-built command module that was the first module of the ISS to be launched.


Here is a snapshot of what Stuffin.space shows for just the Iridium 33 debris field currently orbiting Earth: https://i.imgur.com/DBPA8HK.jpg

If you want to see it on the site, just go to stuffin.space and hover the mouse pointer over the “Group” word. A menu of choices will show up…choose Iridium 33. Then GASP!


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Stuffin.space is NOT Real-Time tracking. They do update the site to show orbital paths of all tracked objects. But they were still showing the Tiangong-1 Station following its orbital path…2 days(!) after it had already been destroyed.

Key for stuffin.space: Red dot = Satellite, Blue dot = Rocket body, Grey dot = Debris, Yellow dot = unknown and/or meteorite fragements.

Here are a few other satellites to view on stuffin.space…





If you like this, try www.radioiss.com. I need to update the radio station URL streams, so it doesn’t play an Australian police scanner while flying over Madagascar.

Should be a mobile game. CROSSY ORBITS.

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