Watch India launch a record 104 satellites in one mission


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At what point does it get like ‘Gravity’ up there?


Somebody is gonna have to clean that stuff up you know.


It kind of just looks like they are throwing cell phones into space.


I dunno. They’re more about the size of a WWII battlefield radio:

The satellite has a much more powerful transmitter, though, despite having fewer vacuum tubes. (-:


We don’t know for sure (chaotic factors involved), but probably fairly soon unless we figure out a practical way to clean up the orbits.


electrodynamic tethers are rather promising as they are generally simple constructs.

though the experimental one attached to JAXA’s HTV-6 mission failed to deploy a few days ago, simple is unfortunately not identical with easy to build ; )


They will out last us all…


There doesn’t seem to be any attitudinal control; it looks like they are leaving the spacecraft with all kinds of odd and inconsistent angular momentum and there’s no indication of (or room for) any maneuver capability in the satellites.

I have this odd image in my head of a spacesuited Indian man shoveling them out a hatch, but maybe I’ve been reading too much 1930s science fiction lately.

Contrast the MMS, which only has 4 nodes, but literally flies through space in precise formation.


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