4-year-old twin girls request Hulk Princess cake, get one


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The only thing missing here is



Awesome! Goes along with the cake I made for a friend’s birthday the other month…


I was just coming here to post this one I saw on tumblr this morning:

(yeah I’m a grown woman with a tumblr. Don’t hate me.)


Makes me wonder what Jennifer Walters would look like in a Tux ala’ Dietrich.


Alright, listen up. Until we can serve that cake, our priority’s the frosting. Barton, I want you on that table, fingers in everything. Call out roses and buttercream. Stark, you got the guests. Anyone gets more than three slices out, you grab it back or you swallow it whole. Thor, you gotta try and lick the plates. Clean 'em up. You got the tongue; eat the fondant up. You and me, we stay here in the kitchen, keep the nibbling here. And Hulk? Gnash!


Now I do too!


My 5-year old granddaughter wanted a Rapunzel cake. With the Hulk on it. My son whipped one up and when I asked her what was with the Hulk at Rapunzel’s Tower, she growled, “Hulk smash”.


This is such a great trend! I’m not sure I totally get what’s going on here, but it’s excellent! Hulk + Cake + Princesses = Amazeballs


The venetian blind shadows really give it that gritty noir look that’s so popular with the super-heroes these days.


I SO wish I’d had one of these for my 4th birthday!


Oh, c’mon, I can’t believe no-one has made the obvious gag…

The Edible Hulk.


The Hulk in question appears to be a regular plastic Hulk wearing a cake dress, not a Hulk made of cake. I don’t know what you could call him in this case.


Marvel really need to catch on the how much four year old girls identify with The Hulk - I painted myself green when left unattended for a minute at that age and have the photo to prove it. I think it’s the tantrum thing that as a four year old girl you can really feel empathy with.


Fashionably attired? Hulk? Ms? (I’d be fine with any.)


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