40,000 people have paid thousands of dollars for an Elio car - will they ever be built?


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I myself own a kickstarted vehicle. But that’s just because older Vespas weren’t built with electrical starters.


I just can’t fathom being an early subscriber to a car. I guess you must love cars a lot, and have quite a few extra thousands just lying around. I can’t say I love cars that much - not even cool ones.

Something’s buggy with the CMS: it’s sending perfectly lovely HTML A tags through as plaintext.

I’ve been waiting for my Aptera for about 9 years now…

I think that they were actually taking down-payments back in 2006/2007


And if it is classified as a motorcycle, presumably the driver would have to pass the motorcycle licensing exam. Can you take the driving portion of the test on a 3-wheeled vehicle? Does it even fit through the slalom cones?

But I do like the idea of drivers and passengers having to wear motorcycle helmets in these. Even if they aren’t fast, you will feel like a race car driver.

I think there was a misunderstanding on the price. People have been able to reserve with amounts up to $1000, refundable or non-refundable. If you choose the non-refundable option, they give you a 50% bonus, so your $1000 becomes $1,500 off the final purchase price. But, it’s still $1000 risk, not $3,500. I am not a reservation holder, but have been watching their progress.


If you Kickstart a kickstart vehicle, what do you get? And if you Kickstart a vehicle that replaces the kickstart with an electrical starter, is it still a kickstart vehicle?

If you are over 21, there are only 5 states that would require a helmet right now. elio map Elio has been lobbying to have the classifications altered in these states. But, I guess you could still wear a helmet if you really wanted to…

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In California and a lot of other states, you don’t require a motorcycle license or a helmet to drive a 3-wheeled vehicle, with the only stipulation is it has to be below a certain weight, altho the vehicle is licensed as a motorcycle. You can use the carpool lane with one person it, as well. I’ve been rebuilding a Bond Bug 3-wheeler, and I’ve been keeping abreast of the laws in California. The Bug has an interesting engine history, too - it was a Reliant all-aluminum OHV that they only developed after years of using their own version of old Austin side valve-engine for many years, so they had plenty of experience before trying to develop a new one.


This is the motorcycle/car I want, but I doubt it will ever be available either, at least as something I could ever hope to afford.

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The allusion to the “fascinating Transgender woman” seems a little out of place, given that her sex doesn’t seem that relevant unless you buy into the linked Jalopnik article’s view that “the transsexuality does add another rich layer to the deceit sandwich that is the [car she was selling].” This point of view sounds disturbingly similar to the hugely controversial Grantland piece on a golf-putter designer, which they quickly apologized for. Given BB’s politics on this issue, I’m a little surprised to see it here.


Isn’t someone supposed to be finally releasing something based on the Vandenbrink Carver soon?

Appears to be the Persu V3, and was meant to be around last year.

Le sigh.

You are right. There was no reason to include that. I’m sorry.


I loved my (bought-used) Geo Metro. It was a little buzzy, but d–n, did I get good gas mileage.

Plus, if I couldn’t find a parking space, it would fit in my pocket.

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3-wheeled? Seriously? Someone is paying for this?

If 3 wheels were enough for Buckminster Fuller, they’re enough for me.


Can’t wait to see it on Top Gear.

If it’s at all a decent vehicle if/when it’s built, then $6800 or even a bit above is an attractive price, given that a Can-Am Spyder trike (with no enclosure) starts at $15K. But then again, you can buy a Spyder right now.

Drivers license? There’s too much bureaucracy involved. I use a hovercraft so it technically isn’t on the street.

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