Volkswagen is electrifying classic VW Beetles

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This idea will only get better when they include the Karmann Ghia…


Hm, leads to a problem, in Germany: people who have a classic Käfer will have to decide if they want a H-Kennzeichen (marking it as ‘historical’ car) which reduces taxes, but needs the car to be in ‘historical’ condition as well (i.e., no ‘modernisation’ or fancy hot-rod mods and such), or if they want an electric car with a classic look…




I would prefer have a Saab 96.


Brilliant. If only Vespa did this…


But now then can have an E-Kennzeichen.


I’m always torn with electrified classics between liking the idea of a more useable, environmentally friendly classic car, and feeling that (with some cars) the motor is both part of the beauty of the car and part of the pleasure of driving it. And given the age of the various non-motor components, the limited safety equipment, and so on, something like this is never going to be a practical daily driver even with the electric motor.

I feel like electrifying something like an E-Type Jaguar or Corvette Stingray is like putting pickups on a Stradivarius or mixing Chateau Margaux with Coke- ugly, bordering on sacrilege.

On the other hand, an electrified Citroen DS would be glorious. The original engine was a stopgap anyway as Citroen couldn’t afford to develop the one they wanted, and electric power would only enhance the sense of magic-carpet-like serenity.


To bad they don’t go for Hydrogen? You just bold out the original gas-tank and replace it with a liquid Hydrogen-tank thingy, and replace the engine with that same nice new e-motor? No need to dig mountains to make these pesky batteries and fix these under your car…

Well, the article I read elsewhere seemed to very strongly imply that VW had electrified ONE Beetle and that it was a concept. Nowhere did it mention other or further availability. So where the “You’ll soon have a chance to give it a spin” came from is not clear.

Also, I have noted here in the UK a strong VW TV ad campaign for its electric vehicles but which clearly says they are coming in 2020. I.e. not a campaign for anything one can buy now, but looking more like (as this does) an effort to show relevance and promise of catch-up.


Will they get a heater?


Divide all VW claims by 50% to determine actual performance. :wink:


There’s a place in San Diego that does this too - I bought a ticket to try and win one in a fundraiser. Sweet!


A 2cv would be a winner too I think.

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Enough grunt to push a Vanagon down the road as well and goodness knows there is room for enough batteries to give it some range. Early days but some regenerative braking and improving battery tech might keep some of these old rigs out of the crusher.

If I were in charge, I would be requiring this for the Accord and Camry, both of which still have millions of models on the road, and offer the same economies of scale through parts sharing.


Might start every time you want to use it tho.


“We are proud that we and Volkswagen Group Components could get the show on the road with this project. We are also looking forward to seeing many e-Beetles on the street soon,” add the two Managing Directors of eClassics GmbH & Co KG, Dennis Murschel and Martin Acevedo.

1 The vehicle is not yet available for sale.

Definitely sounds like intent to produce multiple.

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I have been whining to those closest to me for a while now that I so dearly wish that the economics of it all were such that I could spend my time flipping cars as cottage industry electric conversions. I could get back to earning a living making things that actually exist (no, MP4 and CSS files don’t count), and also get back to being a car geek without giving up my hippie values.

There is a very early Scirocco mostly hidden at a mostly disused garage near here… I would just love to feel how that would handle with a weighted floorpan and 40hp at each corner. I mean, sure, the orchestra hits on any decent recording of Sunshine Daydream would interfere with straight line acceleration by the time I was done with it, to say nothing of range, but everything in life is a tradeoff, right?


The inside can now match the outside


Not to mention all those kit cars and dune buggies that use/used VW works. The Bradley. The Gazelle. The replica Bugatti Grand Prix car.