Volvo: boxy, but all electric by 2019


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Hybrid is not all-electric. It’s a move in the right direction though. :thumbsup:

Volvo plans to build only electric and hybrid vehicles starting in 2019


And this:

Also, alternative title: “Volvo: All electric by 2019 and yet still boxy”.


For those missing the lovely joke in the headline:


Added it to the bottom of the post. Thanks!


I still quote that film all the time. So ahead of its time.



no longer boxy, quite sleek looking to me


… and I thought Volvo was chinese now.


Is Jameson now French whiskey?

Jameson /ˈdʒɛ.mə.sən/ is a blended Irish whiskey produced by the Irish Distillers subsidiary of Pernod Ricard.


Dunno … how does it taste?


Will the same criteria work for Volvos?


The 240 DL Wagon will always has a soft spot in my heart.


Hey, my V70 station wagon isn’t really that boxy and it was built like 16 years ago. Are they going back to the square look?


Why “yesteryear?”

The Model T was from yesteryear.


Volvo driver here. My concern is that the electronics are the weakest aspect of their current line. The engine and powertrain is near bullet proof and the fit and finish on the body is excellent, but their radio, AC controls, airbag sensors, etc etc are a bit wonky and tend to need repair.


Another bold move from the company that brought you the $2,200 headlight.


Maybe they’ll go back to the slowmobile?

About 16 years ago, I had a Volvo wagon as a loaner, and it was about the slowest car I’d ever driven. It had the opposite of pickup. I didn’t really notice until I got to one particular interchange, where I was used to gunning the engine so that I could merge without completely stopping first. It reminded me of this:

I’ve driven more recent models and they’re fine…


I’ve read elsewhere that if the announcement is strictly parsed it could be interpreted to mean that each model in the line-up will have a hybrid or electric version - which implies, perhaps, that other versions of the same model may still be internal combustion only. Either way, kudos to Volvo for making a very public start.


FWIW Volvo is correctly claiming ‘all-electrified’ not all-electric, and the division of the company they’re badging in order to do this has a record of results.

@anothernewbbaccount - my understanding is they will all be electric or hybrid. No stand alone gas models.

It’s easier to do with a predictable profit motive when nations step up to international climate accords. The purchase of these on the Chinese market alone will justify the cost of development. Whatever they sell here is gravy. The US is not their prime market anymore. Wonder how that happened??