Volvo: boxy, but all electric by 2019

And America is Belgian.


I had an 83 wagon with an intercooled turbo about 20 years ago. Slow, it was not. There was the issue of the exhaust manifold glowing and regularly falling off the engine, and the odometer stuck at 365K miles for the whole 3 yearsI owned it, but these are trivialities. For the record, that car was named the Millennium Falcon. It never once left me on the side of the road.


Oh, I get that. The thread title states otherwise.

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No, not at all. The new V90 wagon is extremely sweet. I’m hoping that this one and the new Buick (re-badged Opel) will get more people interested in wagons in the US so more Euro-wagons show up here. My next car will be a CPO diesel 328 wagon now that those are more available. We really need one car with a hatch and 4 doors as we have 4 dogs and friends and family that visit a lot requiring airport runs, etc. I have an X3 now that I like, but I only got it because I couldn’t find a decent wagon I liked with AWD.
Volvo and 328 wagons -


That Volvo is much nicer looking than any equivalent BMW of the last 20 years or so


I think they’re on to something with that V90…

(P1800ES 1968-1973)


Over here, this model had/has the nickname Schneewittchensarg.

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I don’t know that I agree with that, but it’s damn nice. I would happily own one.
IMO, the greatest wagons from Europe are the Volvos, of course, Audi RS4 and 6 avant, the Mercedes E63 and the BMW 5 series touring.
If I had to choose purely on what I like the most (money no object), it would be the RS6 - though of course they are not available in the US. But I’ll never own another VW product after the diesel shenanigans they pulled. Which pains me, because I have owned and loved VW and Audi products in the past. My favorite car I’ve ever owned was my A4 and my second favorite was my Passat wagon.

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Technically, yes.
Practically, it would depend on whether/how much head office influences the actual product.

Regarding Volvo, I’d say this comes straight from Hangzhou. China’s cities have massive problems due to pollution, and I think it’s a fair assumption they want to fix that by bringing in big numbers of electric and hybrid cars, fast. I think this is an approach to the problem that fits the mindset of the current leadership; as far as I can tell, anyway.

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Volvos are delicious… I’m told.

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What’s the point of showing a much older model of Volvo (never to get electrified)? Just curious. Ohhh! The ‘boxy’ thing…

… when Volvos are no longer boxy…(as if even that makes sense).


Sounds like mixed respect if I got the translation right.

If Geely plans on selling these in China (I don’t see why not), that might bode well for world-wide air pollution. More than one or two drivers in China.



On the subject of “boxy,” I always thought Volvo wagons were beautiful.

They did boxy right. As opposed to something like this:


Perhaps… Boxy but good?


If only they had done this in the 70s instead of 40 years too late.

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WOOF! I did not know this.


Yeah, they’re (auto designers) are doing it wrong (playing it safe).

With tiny, low load, high intensity LEDs the front (and back) of all the cars should look like a spider, for various reasons.


As they stopped making that model in 1993, the youngest 240 is 24 years old. How many do you still see, daily? I still see 2-3.

Thanks for fueling my nightmares!