40 police photos of dapper criminals from the 1920s


The Justice & Police Museum of Sydney, Australia has a collection of “special photographs” of criminals from the 1920s.

I thought Australia just took mug shots of all new arrivals as they got off the boat.

(I kid! Actually, I had a great-great-grandfather who fled to Australia for a time to escape his creditors in England.)


These are great photos, so beyond mug shots. I animated these and wrote some music to go with them a while back:



That really was incredible. Thank you.




Amazing! Great work!

Isn’t this a repost?

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Yeah I remember seeing these go around a while back. Still really great stuff. It would also appear that whoever did some Boardwalk Empire promotion riffed off these as well. Check it: http://www.rickey.org/boardwalk-empire-season-4-poster/

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At first this fluky barlow struck me as a sharpshooting weed and the frog’s eyebrows, then again she could be a low-lid face pushing tomato with munitions.


Ya… by Mark no less.

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Nice work, such a great way to display the images.

You can find more about the stories behind these images here: blogs.hht.net.au/cityofshadows/how-we-created-the-city-of-shadows/

Hah, maybe those guys should see what we see when we post a thread:

Have you searched for a similar post? Or whatever it says.

I think the roots of cyberpunk are in 1920s Noir.

I think it makes a lot of sense for the police to want to see someone in a natural pose, rather than standing woodenly for the camera. It helps give a sense of the person’s personality and physicality, making them more recogniseable next time.

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