Cop Selfies tumblr everything you imagined


Love that caption!

I kept expecting to see a picture of Jason Stackhouse in uniform.


I think these are cute.

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All cops should be like this guy when not fight crime.


Thanks for making sure that song will be stuck in my head for another night.

I know! They are actually a lot more endearing than I would have expected.

Bacon-double CHEESE!

Duck lips: Even cops suffer from them.

What this really needs is the pepper spraying cop 'shopped into every single selfie.


Gotta admit. Le Chat was clever.

When I’m not out violating people rights, furthering the ridiculous drug war, or shooting innocent people I’m trying to humanize myself by taking stupid pictures with my cell phone…

I’m just giving each one of these selfies a dehumanizing stare.

Seems like the female cops universally eschew the “look what a serious badass I am” type poses. Officer Elrod there even has a tongue piercing, which I’m a little surprised a police department would allow.

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