Watch these Chicago cops punish a 21-year-old Lyft driver because passenger taped cops being jerks


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So did Chicago ever get that CPD black ops rendition site squared away or do yall still have that*

*the one you know about


When the Police start screaming “I am the KING”, I get very worried, indeed.


Christ! What a police officer.


The cop either believes he is Elvis or Judge Dredd. Either way, a matter for concern.


This comes to mind…


I keep hearing rumors about good cops.


Like many people I imagine being braver than I actually would be in a confrontation with police, but I’m pretty sure I would involuntarily bust out laughing if a cop yelled that at me. That’s just too much over the top.


Yeah, as in “obsolete”, like royalty in general. Good luck living the dinosaur life, douchenozzle!
(Yes, I don’t mind taunting police this badly IRL. No, I am not rich/white.)

As well you should! Laughing at police is good for everybody, it’s what we need.


In a previous life I was arrested and placed into a holding cell that had no toilet facilities. Before being placed in the cell, I informed the officers that I needed to use the restroom facilities, please. The officers chuckled a touch and put me, alone, into a toilet-less cell without another word. I sat for probably thirty minutes, thinking they’d come back and let me take a leak…but no. It’s probably because I was somewhat intoxicated that I then got up, began pacing each wall of the cell, and upon reaching the next wall, I’d kick it and scream “I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM PLEASE” at the top of my lungs (and yes, it was mildly cathartic). The jackasses let me do this for probably another thirty or forty minutes until they finally let me use the facilities. I was never rude or impolite to the officers, from start to finish, but if anything the episode underlined what I feel is the LEO mentality of “people in our custody are animals that must be caged and treated as such”.

It’s also my belief that because I’m a white dude they didn’t just come in the cell and beat the shit out of me me to death.


The best way to avoid being beaten or murdered by cops is to dress in a nicely tailored suit and talk like a member of the hereditary boardroom class.


That only works if you also have the traditional skin tone.


Welcome to Chicago, everyone!

I’m not going to get any BB visitors, am I? Really, it’s a great town. Just…avoid the police.


I got to go to the United Center once. No police contact, so it was cool.


Oh I would totes let you know if I was gonna be there. Would absolutely be good to at least meeting for coffee and tasty pastries. I like the city a lot and would love to waste a few days in the museums if I had the leisure funds for it.


Bulls or Blackhawks?


It was a silly religious thing. I got to leave my mission in Milwaukee to see the prophet.

(It was Hinckley at the time.)


Can’t tell if we’re still talking about sports or not!



The best way to avoid being beaten or murdered by cops is to dress in a nicely tailored suit and talk like a member of the hereditary boardroom class.

Because Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama get beaten to a pulp by cops every day, amirite? Ben Carson, too! All those Silicon Valley execs and Hindu tech moguls! Economics are meaningless! Power is totally defined by the skin! Just kidding. :slight_smile: I know I shouldn’t mock, I apologize, I have a bent sense of humor.

Anyway, it’s a popular narrative, but once you examine it, you’ll find that it’s false. Rich black women do not have meaningfully worse lives than rich white men, full stop. All of the 1% have lives of however much luxury they wish, regardless of color or gender.

Structural racism exists and I’m not denying that - the people who are being denied the opportunity to get into that suit, to learn that intonation and vocabulary, are disproportionately people of color. And a white male who chooses not to wear the suit will have significantly less chance of being victimized by the system than anyone else. Those are the problems we need to confront. But honestly, the last thing we should be doing is telling people that their skin color irrevocably defines what they can achieve, and your statement supports that message - although I hope you didn’t mean it that way.