45 minutes of Nick Offerman sipping whiskey in silence by a yule log


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There’s no 10-hour version with loud techno?


It’s Offerman.


Made me thirsty.


Spoiler: he never refills his glass once.

Man, that man is a patient drinker.

I might have accidentally finished the bottle, myself.


Roger That!


I love YouTube. There is all kinds of crazy content you would have never dreamed of back in the times of Network TV. This would be such a good screensaver for the TV.


How’d he get in the lounge?


I expect to see this used as an introduction to Norway’s show about firewood.


He begs to differ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS-ErOKpO4E&feature=youtu.be&t=1245


Dammit! That what I get for skipping around. It went back to almost the exact same spot, but I should have seen the shift.

hangs head in embarrassment


If you watch the GIF long enough, he finally gets to never refilling his glass.


that is one comfy a$$ chair.


He looks uncomfortable and bored.


You mean that’s not a normal way to spend the holidays?


On my to do list. Join him with my own single malt.


Needs more kitten
offermann pussyfooting around


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Offerman while I was working on Will & Grace. He guest starred as a plumber in one episode, but since he was dating (and eventually marrying) Megan Mullally at the time he’d sometimes come round and hang out on the set in between gigs of his own, and we got to be friendly.

He is exactly the sort of grounded, smart, funny, and generally great-to-hang-around-with gentleman that you’d hope him to be. I was so tickled to see his career take off.


Man I could go for some whiskey.

And an open fire.

And a nice, old leather chair…

Only the addition of a nearby window protecting Nick from the furious rain of a thunderstorm and revealing his location to be atop a cliff overlooking the sea could make this any more awesome.


Looks bored.