Nick Offerman sings "I Like Beer," his ode to Brett Kavanaugh (& supremely illegitimate justice)

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Somehow this left Do They Know Its Christmas in my head

I love the courage of Nick Offerman as he fearlessly champions Black Lives Matter, the 2017 Women’s March (while wearing a pink pussy hat), LGBTQ rights, early voting, mask-wearing

I adore Nick and he’s a great ally, but let’s keep some perspective here. Speaking out as a wealthy, straight, white, cis, man is the easiest thing you can do. There is zero risk to his person, his family or his career for doing this.

People of color and trans people get murdered for speaking out. Women get raped, humiliated, and discredited for it.

Every time he does a post on one of these subjects, he’s immediately pinned down by a withering barrage of incoming outraged, hatred, and “Unsubscribe!,” from the right wing of his fanbase who are apparently think he is the toxically masculine Ron Burgandy character he plays on Parks and Recreation . And yet, Nick soldiers on.

I get a barrage of outrage and hatred just for existing on the Internet with my completely benign apolitical hobby-oriented YouTube channel. I get doxxed and threatened because I’m a trans woman who likes technical things and have the gall to open my mouth.

So, yes- I love Nick and he’s great, but let’s not all rush to give daddy Parent Of The Year because he drove the kids to school once.


I was hoping for a Duke Silver sax solo in the middle.

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I’m really sorry this happens to you.


It’s a cute song, but i was hoping to hear him cover the Tom T. Hall song.


The Parks and Rec character was named Ron Swanson.

Ron Burgundy is the Will Farrell character from Anchorman.


Even the Ron Swanson (not Burgundy) character didn’t fit the typical “toxic masculinity” mold.

Swanson was a curmudgeon who hated government, yes. But he paid the tuition for Andy to take a course in women’s studies, at one point hooking up with the feminist instructor (at her suggestion). He regularly taught women and girls skills like woodworking and home repair. He willingly played “princesses” with his girlfriend’s daughters, even letting them paint his shoes pink. He was the Best Man at a same-sex wedding.

From what I’ve been able to tell, Nick Offerman is essentially “Ron Swanson if Swanson wasn’t a libertarian and didn’t have a history of bad choices in romantic relationships.” (He’s been happily married to Megan Mullalley, the actress who portrayed his psychotic ex-wife “Tammy 2” for many years.) So pretty much an awesome guy all around.



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