"A Drink with Shane MacGowan" - unaired pilot of unique talk show (1995-ish)

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The Pogues - Dirty Old Town:

If this kind of talk show appeals to you I encourage you to seek out Dinner For Five hosted by Jon Favreau. While nobody gets British chat-show drunk people are loose and enjoy a varied conversation.

The guests are primarily those involved in film and tv production from actors to screen writers.

You can find pretty much every episode on YouTube.


It is never just a drink with Shane MacGowan, is it?


<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/boingboing/original/3X/8/4/84a0484adc6cfd87a9425a17101a79a62007391d.gif" width=“456” height="350"title=“Shane MacGowan grinning”>


Now there’s a television special about MacGowan getting a new set of chompers


So what’s the reason his teeth were so bad? No brushing? Genetics? Malnutrition?

I think Ollie Reed got there first.

Or Sir Les

Viz has the answer.


Did anyone else think that Luke Skywalker in TFA looked exactly like Oliver Reed?

** Quick websearch **
Ah, yes, of course they did.

It’s particularly coincidental because the Irish island where that scene was shot (Skellig Michael) is not too far from where Ollie spent his final years and was buried - Churchtown, Co. Cork.

Very interesting, thanks for posting!
Funny, there’s a “Doh” in the 12th panel in there. I recall a Simpsons documentary long ago with some discussion of where Groening derived that now-legendary expletive from. They traced it back to some of B&W movie where a villain enunciated a much longer, slower “Du-ooooh”. Wonder when this Viz strip dates from, and did it take its “Doh” from Homer or elsewhere…?

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