Shane MacGowan seeks dentist





Irish unicorn chaser, please!


Wot a sellout!


I strongly recommend Dr. Scrivello:


Of course, attitude matters:


I think he should wait until they get real bad. What’s the hurry?


Even Mojo is worried about Shane’s dental state:


He should just star in a Nosferatu remake. No need for the dental work.


My goodness. It’s a new and frightening world.


Damn you! Came here to say: “That’s what I like about punk rockers: they never sell out!”



My brother is so punk, one time he caught his foot tapping to country music and he cut it off.


My wife wouldn’t watch a documentary on Shane because his ‘teeth’ freaked her out…


Shane. Oh Shane. Why are you selling out? :frowning:

BTW: The (binary) “Is Shane MacGowan still alive?”-counter always served me well in providing an exact (if opposite) answer to the question “Am I drinking too much alcohol?”.


Funny - I didn’t see any room for dentures in that head shot…room to drive a small truck through, just not for dentures.


It’s fortunate he didn’t encounter the other kind of music.


Mojo’s been singing that song for 20 years, too!


His brother loves Western…


I wonder if Science has investigated Shane’s mouth – whatever is eating his teeth must be some sort of extremophile Archaea because I don’t think that anything else would survive the alcohol levels…


Although it’s a shame that anyone would alter a signature look like that, I think dental health is really important to maintaining good health as you age. I was pretty involved with my grandmother’s care at the end of her life and probably the biggest factor affecting her health was her inability to chew properly - both because of dentures that didn’t’ fit well and people’s swallowing reflex gets worse as they age. Both my dad and my mother in law have had extensive dental work that has caused them to both lose more pounds than is healthy since they were reduced to eating liquid diets for a long time. So, yeah - his teeth are pretty fierce and I’m sorry he is wanting to change this, but I assume it’s not a cosmetic reason only - not just about starring in a movie but also maybe he just can’t chew with such crap teeth.


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