Body modder with huge cheek holes




He looks like hell. But whatever, it’s his face.



Mom must be so proud.


How does he eat?


How does he eat? I’d think food would fall out the holes. Kinda like a low-rent Alexis St. Martin.


Jinx! :smiley:


He has plugs he can put in the holes so he can eat.


Does he do gay porn?


I’ll bet his dentist loves him…Forget that open wider stuff. Flossing would be easier too. BUT the real trick would be watching him with bubblegum! That could be awesome!


I’m curious of the longer-term concerns, how would the constant drying-out of his gums affect his teeth? Or does he usually wear those blocking plugs when he’s not showing off?


Seems like there would be some drawbacks to this.


how can people around him resist the urge to toss their loose change in to the hole?


Ahh, of course. I should’ve thought of that. Thanks!


I see huge ear piercings, and jewelry attached to noses and lips, and admire the art. I do think about the negative consequences the person must be suffering. This person has really advanced the art. The result is not a static thing. It offers a dynamic show.


I don’t know how much saliva he loses by pursuing his unique aesthetic; but the experience of patients with reduced salivary gland function as a side effect of radiotherapy for head and neck cancers is pretty dire indeed. A veritable laundry-list of tooth decay (including atypical locations and extremely aggressive and speedy progress), infection of assorted oral tissues (sometimes outright dangerous), difficulty and discomfort in eating, speaking, and other such activities…

Pretty nasty, by all accounts.


Why would he do such a thing to his head?

I mean, of all the hat styles you could choose from…





There are plenty of people with battlefield injuries who wish they had a whole face.


I think it’s a very smart way to reduce the number of X-rays needed at the dentist. There are health risks associated with that radiation you know! This must be much safer.