Korean plastic surgeon removes towering jars of excised jawbones after fine


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Its only bone. My kitchen is full of the stuff, and probably in worse condition.

Simply jaw dropping!


Now that’s Gangnam-style!


Eh. Too late. (She said, using her ‘naturally superior’ pointy chin bone.)

So, it’s bad to look Korean now? Really?

I used to teach in a Korean school; there were middle schoolers getting the operation.


Extra Creepy, here is the towering pile of jaw bones I have previously removed from my victims, err patients.

I can tell I’ve spent too much time with my head in a postapocalyptic wasteland lately. I thought those towers looked kinda cool.


WTF is wrong with this guy? What’s next? A waterbed filled with liposuction fat?

Yeah, me too.

I was also disappointed to discover that they’re only ~2 feet tall, not the floor-to-ceiling ossuaries I’d imagined from the “tower” description.

What’s far, far more disturbing are the before/after pics from this surgery.

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It just goes to show what strange creatures we humans can be.

Having part of your lower jaw removed used to be associated with poverty and industrial disease.

Now it’s a voluntary cosmetic procedure.


But human biological material is magically 15234% more biohazardous! (Realistically, your odds are probably worse with human diseases vs. zoonotic diseases; but much of the protocol around dealing with human tissue pieces is a mixture of fossilized taboos and regulations written to cover bits of the riddled-with-sickness types that they work on in hospitals)


Good grief. Are they just that riddled with anglophilia?

Yeah - what’s next, make themselves fat like us?

I’m not really that surprised that Jawbone removal has become such a big trend; those bluetooth headsets have been on the decline for years now.

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Sadly yes. Look up the numbers of Korean women that get epicanthal folds surgically created…

Seems so strange, as I have freinds here getting epicanthal folds removed because they can block your vision as they droop from aging.

I guess the weirdness, for me, was growing up with lots of half-Asian kids around, because US Servicemen found Asian ladies in various countries particularly attractive in their native state. (PU, but apt.)

So he has to get rid of it, but if it was made by Damien Hirst it would sell for millions.


I bet that would be exceptionally comfortable.
Like sleeping on a giant boob.


Before and After! We got em!

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