Meet "Dr. Kitty," the teenager who performed unlicensed cosmetic surgery from her basement


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Look, you don’t want to perform unlicensed cosmetic surgery under your real name.


I will reserve judgement until I see the end results of the surgery and the bill from Dr. Kitty’s office.

It still might be a bargain.


“Required corrective surgery” probably isn’t a positive review.


Pretty par for the course on Yelp.





Just spit on the scalpel and give it a wipe on your sleeve, works every time. To hell with those pesky bacteria & pathogens.


Come on Dr. Nick, you can do better than that! How about $99.95?


Anyone care to guess which procedure/s ‘Dr Kitty’ was offering?


It sounds like you know this from experience.

Is that the case?


Will she be charged with meowpractice?

You Monster

So I shouldn’t have trusted those “” billboards that claimed they could save me up to 89% on common cosmetic procedures??? But how was I supposed to know?


Scowl-line removal through a series of BUTTOX™ injections.


As a wild guess I’d suggest:



Since you getting gills, ve take lungs now, put in gills in two weeks.



That seems pretty likely.

He’s just zis guy, you know?


Investigators believe there may be other victims.

For instance, Common Sense.