Surgeon admits to branding initials onto patients’ livers


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Well, that’s a new one.


I’m heading to the Whiskey after that one.


He claims it’s “nonharmful” eh? Issues of consent aside being under anesthesia is inherently risky and anything extending that time extends that risk.



Is it bad that I can totally see myself doing this? It seems like good clean fun!



How can you claim not guilty to this? Like, it’s your initials, man!? Did one of the nurses do it while your back was turned?

More seriously, if I, say, gave someone a tattoo while they were passed-out drunk (without consent), that would be an offence of some kind, no question. Just because the initials were hidden inside the body instead of printed on the forehead doesn’t really alter the gravity of the situation.


Was so wanting to say “Simpsons did it first”, but alas… I would be wrong.


That didn’t stop the surgeon from signing their livers like Roy Moore on high school yearbook day.

Middle school. Say middle school. It’s not true, but it’s so much funnier!


I have heard of it happening more than once, one fairly recently (last 5 years).

Ah that was the case I was thinking about.

ETA - they aren’t joking when they say lasers aren’t toys.



I swear that drawing is of Glenda Farrell.


Ah, Wills grandma. I see the resemblance.

legitimate warfare activities


Do you have evidence they are related?


Patients were initially upset he didn’t follow procedure to the letter…


Sounds strangely familiar…

Aren’t these the Dr. a-holes who were initialing patients a while back?


I wouldn’t give a shit if he signed off on a piece of work he felt good about. Sign it, write a poem on it, draw a picture of your dog.,…WTF as long as the damn thing works what’s it matter. But that’s just my silly ass opinion and other folks are as entitled to be as pissed as they want to be.


Dear corporate America: Want to join the cutting edge of marketing? Brand my liver with your logo! Just $100,000 $50,000 for the holiday season!


I can be pretty full of myself, but I can’t imagine being this intense an asshole.