White guy gets plastic surgery to look Korean




I am going to guess he paid less than he should have for this particular transformation.


Without the headline I would have thought it was "guy gets plastic surgery to look like an anime character carved out of resin".


and sadly fails, ends up looking like a dumbass instead.

fool & money = soon parted


That looks like it'll age well.


Well, he doesn't look Korean. He looks like he's wearing a mask. Which is hopefully the case and the plastic surgery story is just a hoax, because... oof.


Well, on the bright side, he'll be able to get a job as a living mannequin...


I'll never quite understand what drives anyone to dislike who they inherently are so much that they change themselves to that degree.


Interesting, though he appears to be wearing a lot of makeup too. Maybe to cover his complexion since he's very pink-toned from the other picture? Not to mention that he seems to be wearing eyeshadow, which makes me wonder why not just wear prosthetic eyelids if he intends to put that much make up on every day anyway?

I wouldn't mind looking more like a Korean fashion icon, myself... but not that much! One doesn't typically want to land this deep in the center of uncanny valley.



If he's happy with it I'm happy for him. His decisions didn't hurt anybody so I can't really see why it matters much. A lot of people spend a whole lot more and get a whole lot less..


"White guy gets plastic surgery to look Korean"
ends up looking like weird sex doll


Remember when Sean Connery went through a similar procedure in You Only Live Twice so he could blend invisibly into Japanese society?


Should be: "White guys gets plastic surgery to look like a Korean who got plastic surgery to look like a white guy"

I'm reminded of Lindsay Lohan -- a 20-something who got plastic surgery to look like a 40-something who got plastic surgery to look like a 20-something.


All it took for me was a case of hives... I have a picture from when I was ~8 yrs old, where I am the blonde twin of my old Korean roommate.


I rememeber this.


I think that job's already been filled.


I think that it was a right of passage in old Hollywood...
"A Certain Slant": A Brief History of Hollywood Yellowface - Bright Lights Film Journal
Oh man, I forgot about Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's:


This, and the Barbie and Ken also pictured in the thread, fall into the Living Uncanny Valley category.


Hell, I know nothing about this guy, but I blame Tumblr.