Plastic surgery turns man into Superman




Warning: Cape does not allow wearer to fly.


More Patrick “Eel” O’Brian than Clark Kent.


I know this is dumb nitpicking, but does it bother anyone else that he parts his hair on the right instead of the left (like Superman is usually portrayed). I suppose it looks right to him in the mirror, and that’s probably what he cares about most. . .


Yeah, right. He did it for the children.


Australian comedians Hamish & Andy met up with this guy recently; he actually seemed pretty cool and good-humoured and they did a Superman “trailer” with him:


There’s nothing odd about this at all


Was thinking it was due to the Coriolis effect, thinking the Philipines were south of the Equator, but sadly they’re Northern hemisphere. Geography fail on my part.


And for the crotch lump?


Well he sure looks like plastic surgery man now.


I know that this is probably wrong of me, but whenever I see someone obsessed with wearing a costume “for the children”, all that comes to mind is John Wayne Gacy.


…And Herbert Chavez continues to look kinda creepy.


Surely the Man of Steel can just consult a blacksmith for his plastic surgery needs? Sure, being heated to orange heat and pounded into shape doesn’t sound very pleasant; but Superman can take it.


Good point. except when i googled the hair, there was at least one movie adaptation that didn’t go the way you described. another was a combed back look. perhaps it came down to a splitting hair decision which is the right way. or Filipino man knows a secret, true portrayal that we didn’t know.

i could care less about the hair. i wish he would spend some of that $ on a weight trainer coach to bulk up a bit. superman has lots of muscles. you cannot put gel on your neck muscles. more recent comics show superman with arnold schwartzneggar physique.

see this website for the hair differences.


Just be glad he didn’t go with that dumb “Supermullet” look Clark tried for a while back in the '90s. (And I speak as a guy who tried growing my own hair out around the same time.)


I’m guessing he cut it about the same time he sold this:


Oh man, back in the day Kal-El and me had ourselves some wild times driving the county in the “General Zod.”


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