The Pogues have a new brand of whiskey


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I know I have related this before, but:

One night when Shane was touring with The Popes he ate an enormous steak at a restaurant. Then summoned an enormous steel bowl. Which he projectile vomited in. Then went on stage, held onto the mic stand like his life depended on it, and belted out tunes.

Not a role model, more of a cautionary tale. But damn can he make some music.


I was really hoping for a pic of Shane on the bottle grinnin’ ear-to-ear.

darn - out of likes


1 drink and you are fun
2 and you are political
3 and you’re successful
4 you’re drunk
5 shots and everyone leaves
On the last shot everyone comes back and asks what happened to you.


6 and you think your Irish tunes sound like the pogues


Gin drinker, I thought, Shane.


Isn’t this more appropriate to the story? Although that album might be my favorite Pogues album…


Nope, anything. I saw the Pogues at #s in Houston a long, long time ago, and Shane was alternating whiskey and tequila bottles, and could barely stand. Phranc opened, which was odd but great, and I remember Shane blowing 2 verses of Fiesta, and Spider calling for the crowd to stop picking on the invalid just because he was too polluted to sing. (his words)


Welp, looks like it’s time to fire up my time machine that’s just for seeing shows that I missed…


If it’s not tripled distilled, it’s not Irish whisky.


Celtic punk bank The Pogues

So is that an ordinary typo or were you tasting it for us?


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