Check out the Pogues' tour rider from 1991 — the last year Shane MacGowan was in the band

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Whenever I hear the words “German wine” I can taste a little barf in the back of my throat.

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I’m guessing you have not had the pleasure of drinking Trollinger (aka Vernatsch aka Schiava)!

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Even the cigarettes here are pretty damn reasonable.

300 cigarettes sounds like a lot. But it’s just a carton and half, 15 packs.

The Pogues are a large band, you toss in the support crew and that’s just so no one has to run out and grab a pack in an unfamiliar place.


Has anyone on BB worked for a venue bringing in acts like this? Seems like an astonishing amount of work and opportunity to get it wrong.

Yes. Very common.
I assume you’ve not come across the famous “no brown M&Ms” rider.



Riesling’s nice.


I love this take on Van Halen. Yes, they were giant assholes for many, many other reasons, just not brown m&ms.


I’ve definitely seen that around, and other similar riders. But I wonder what it’s like to be the person on the ground in charge of actually executing on these requirements. In that rider from the Pogues, the venue has to feed and water up to 30 people as part of the band and crew, and the numbers and requirements slide around from meal to meal.

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I’ve worked in live music for 25 years (sadly not in the last 4 months, or realistically this year at all), and this as my UK friends would say is “A piece of piss”, ie easy. Much of a rider is concerned with the touring crew, people working 14-18 hrs a day, 5 or 6 days a week, for months at a time. A few creature comforts were always welcome. Conversely, I’ve come across riders that were ridiculous. Providing a king size mattress with white silk sheets in the dressing room, and a puppy for the artist to play with come to mind.


Likely because at many gigs the numbers present … for example … at set-up (crew only) and later at sound test (band and some crew) and later in evening (band and all crew) … can vary throughout the day.

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Never mind the $4K guarantee & gate, they were only required to play for 60mins??

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Not all of them are amazing, but some are really very very fine wines.


The infamous “no brown M&Ms” clause is said to be there specifically to gauge the venue’s attention to detail. (If they even can’t get that right, can you trust the lighting to be rigged properly?)

I’ve seen a lot of concert riders posted online in the past. As far as those go, this one seems pretty reasonable.


I always think of “Very Friendly” by Throbbing Gristle.

Yeah, I get that. I meant that when that was revealed not too long ago Van Halen apologists were all like “see, they were just super dedicated to their work”. But they were (mostly) still assholes regardless of their candy demands.

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FWIW, I’ve listened to a lot of Throbbing Gristle while drinking German Wine.


Roger that!

Are there many German Gewürztraminers? I’ve always thought it more as an Alsatian variety.

Would be glad to be wrong: the more, the merrier.