Do people actually drink Lancers wine?


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Whoa, buried memory from four decades ago. I only recall seeing the bottle the one time, so it probably wasn’t a hit with my folks.


I’ve a classic photo of my GrandPa holding a bottle of that swill.


I remember my parents having two bottles of this in the fridge from the time I was like 5 years old until I moved out of their home. If I go look, it may still be there.

I have similar childhood memories about cans of Billy Beer.


Rosé: goes equally poorly with everything!


My boss gave me a bottle of Lancers as an xmas gift when I was 19 (this was back when 18 was the legal drinking age). He told me it was very special. The power of suggestion combined with the innocence of youth rendered it a great experience! In the interest of full disclosure, my only point of reference at the time was Boone’s Farm.


Yeah… My grandparents used to drink it. And then my grandmother would take the labels off and use the bottles for a vase.


something to add to my classy lineup…


The moderators tell us just to flag and not engage, but I’m going to give you a chance to apologize.


i was going to say… this is a deep, deep 1970s memory, along with boone’s farm, haha


What, no Mateus? That’s my first rosé memory…


Nobody makes Apple wine like Boone’s Farm!


A friend in college was a fan. It may say something that if you google Lancers wine, the first sponsored link is offering to sell you a bottle of the wine for $6.99 and the second sponsored link is offering to sell you an empty bottle for $30.00…


Oh. Was that wine?


Do we? I’ll shay we do! As mush ash we can… get… shum…


Try Elaine May’s (as ‘Henrietta’ in “A New Leaf”) preferred drink when asked why she didn’t drink grape juice:

“It’s not as sweet. I had never drunk wine at all until I tried Mogen David’s extra heavy Malaga wine with soda and lime juice. It’s delicious. It’s called a Malaga Cooler.”


I’ve heard of (and tasted) every single one of @redesigned 's boozes, but never heard of Lancer’s until now.


nothing tastes like regret like cheap alcohol! :slight_smile:


I shop-lifted some once.


I’ve also had Blue Nun.