4chan sold to 2chan founder


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42chanch.netorg - ALL the answers (especially the unwanted ones)


I don’t want to sound racist, but don’t all those n-chans look alike?

Did you ever want to play questions?

I don’t want to like your post, but I did.


Apparently that guy got kicked out of 2chan because he was harvesting and selling user information and other shit like that.


That would surprise me, because I’m pretty sure futaba channel is mostly in Japanese, not English. Also, I wonder if it’s an unmoderated apocalypse of trolls - I rather doubt it.


Surely the 1chan founder is simply biding his time…


@japhroaig @shaddack @tropo @miasm @waetherman - who’s with me as we found √(-1)chan?


Can we just call it piechan? Can we can we can we?


I’m so much more into the imaginary number chan. i-chan gets my vote.


I had a high school math teachers that called anything that was divided by zero, “A DUMPTRUCK”. Cause it didn’t make sense.

So… Dumpchan?


Use this name only if you’re ok with the inevitable wave of scat images you will receive.


When is it time for 8chan? I have some pics of famous people I need to post.


You left me out you mean person.


Only if we can pronounce it ‘Likkle i chan’.


I don’t care about the *chans, I’m just here because of Yotsuba’s smiling face.


That idea will remain imaginary.


Don’t you mean j-chan? Oh wait… you’re one of those mathematicians, aren’t you?


What about eichan? Then we can be both imaginary and irrational. As a bonus, in Finnish “ei” means “no”.

Edit: Or, *eiπ*chan. Because the cake is a lie.


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