5' x 5' skeleton and cobweb poncho


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/07/hey-poncho.html


I think they’re really missing an opportunity by not having it be waterproof and useful. (Is it technically a poncho if it does nothing to keep you warm and/or dry? Is there some other word for it?)


Wear this as a beach cover-up, get some hilarious tan lines.


Another missed opportunity would be a somewhat more masculine version. Jealous!


I need this.


I was going to say, I’d go for it if it was something thicker. Fleece or what have you. I some times wear a Mexican poncho around the house, and used to wear it as layers before I got a good coat.

How can you tell it’s a female skeleton?


Looks pretty unisex to me. It’s a skeleton/skull/cobweb pattern that’s translucent. The shapely body underneath is supplied by the wearer, not part of the pattern as it might appear at first glance in the pictures here.


Something, something boner.


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