Women's Wonder Woman rain coat


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Can’t fit it in the budget, but it’s enough to know it’s out there.


The great thing is that you don’t have to carry it with you.

If it starts to rain, hold your arms out and spin around and BAM you are,wearing it


Shouldn’t the cuffs be yellow?


Hey, I used to have an Invisble Jet raincoat!


How very Blade Runner!


Honestly, that movie is what made me want a clear raincoat. Although being 9 years old I wore rather more clothes with it.


Real Wonder Woman just uses her bracelets to deflect the raindrops.


Sorry, immature I know, but this is the first place my mind went when I read your post:


Pfft. “Wonder Woman” more like “Wonder which member of Weezer’s merch team can’t register a stencil properly and is trying to cover their ass”, amirite?


Extremely immature.

That’s why my mind immediately went there too.


Okay, I think that a transparent hood, yoke, and sleeves, would be the way to give a WW raincoat the proper strapless appearance.


Yeah, they missed an opportunity on that one.


Big Raincoat has been sabotaging my patented hands-free umbrella for years.


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