Twinsies! Wonder Woman and her stunt double (c.1975)


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Hooboy. I am not quite old enough, but I bet that picture just sparked more than a few fantasies…

I never got to watch Wonder Women because it was off the air when I was kid, and not having cable I didn’t get reruns. Though I think I saw a few snippets at friends houses.


And people complain about Barbie’s proportions being unrealistic…


“Stop a war with love”. When did that idea go out of style?


That’s a “Wonderful” women.


I’ll just go take a cold shower now…


But she isn’t wearing “satin tights.”

In star-spangled trunks,
Fighting spies and punks…


Please fix the thumbnail on the front page so that it shows faces.


"Twinsies Quadsies!"


Lynda Carter’s proportions were not unrealistic… for a Latina woman.

Look again:

I can’t attest to whether they are made out of satin or not, but the Wonder Woman of my era definitely wore tights regularly.


What’s wrong with headless boobs on the front page? Did you think this site was, in some sense, serious?


Reminds me that I need to get around to watching the documentary Double Dare about the experiences of stuntwomen in Hollywood, focusing on Zoe Bell and prominently features Jeannie Epper. Film buff friends have been touting it for a while.


I am. And yep, you’re right. I became a law-abiding lad quite early in life, since I never, ever wanted to make Ms.Carter’s Wonder Woman displeased with me.


I wonder if one of the reasons the new Wonder Woman looks so joyless is that she’s wearing her tiara (which doubles as an edged weapon) the wrong way. That’s asking for a headache.

You gotta turn that crown upside down!


has the new WW even got a lasso, or can we no longer handle the truth in our fictions?


Who needs a Lasso of Truth when you have Sword of Murder and a Shield of Stolen-From-Captain-America?


“Wonder Woman, thank god you’re here! Did you capture the bad guy?”

“I did!”

“Did he tell you where the hostages are! Did you get the information, did you use your lasso to force the truth out of him!?”

“I asked him stuff, but he resisted, so I stabbed him in the face with this, also in the chest!”

“But…the hostages! What… why didn’t you get their true location out of him,…wha… the location he gave when we paid the ranson was a lie! You were supposed to get the truth!”

“Truth is,…he ded.”


I read somewhere that Lynda Carter did not allow Debra Winger (in her supporting role as Drusilla aka “Wonder Girl,”) to wear the same degree of boob-enhancing bustierwork, in an effort to de-emphasize Winger’s not-inconsiderable charms in comparison to the lead.


She totally has a lasso, and her use of it is a highlight of BvS.


Besides my hero Lynda Carter (who, to my dad’s discomfort, I loved to imitate at age five), the best Wonder Woman is Kate Beaton’s version.