Watch the original 1967 Wonder Woman TV pilot, from the producers of Batman!


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Well that was certainly an oddity. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, that was terrible.


Nose. Nose. Nose. Annnnd thinks! Who writes this stuff?


I think if I wanted a funny Wonder Woman, I’d prefer it to be Julie Kavner, or Wanda Sykes.

You know, with the understanding that it’s not really my choice.


She’d have a detachable golden vagina of truth.


If we’re counting failed pilots, then don’t forget Adrianne Palicki (currently of The Orville) back in 2011!


I thought having Wonder Woman in pants was a great and realistic move. I kind of wish it made it.


That was the one which was infamous for costume design that looked more like something from a low-budget porn parody that the costume design from the actual low-budget porn parody.



I think that has a lot to do with the lighting and color saturation (or lack thereof).


So the TV pilot had inferior production values to the porn parody in terms of both costume design AND promotional photography. Not a good omen.

(Plus I’m pretty sure ancient Greek warriors didn’t wear push-up tops made of vinyl.)



By the way, I don’t remember Ellie Wood Walker as an actress, but the character “Ellie Walker” was the only 20th century woman in the old Andy Griffith show. When he left the show rumor had it that she ran off to become a groupie.


Always wanted to read one from that era.


I think I might have to go and have a sit down and a little cry now. That was almost every kind of awful.


That could have been something, if it had a little more polish. It could have been “That Girl” with super powers.


Wow! I can’t see how the network turned it down. :smile:


Well, ancient greek warriors didn’t wear blue tight pants either, or red-and-gold corsets. The original WW costume is quite preposterous on its own, which is one of the many elements that made the whole character hard to like after the '80s “realist” wave in comicdom, as well as making it hard to adapt for the screen.




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