Amazing fan-made Wonder Woman sweater pattern to download and knit


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That is actually more aesthetically pleasing than the Wonder Woman outfit it mimics.


I made this in kid’s size out of DK yarn, and it scaled very well. The instructions are very good, and, as the pattern states, it’s easy to adjust.


That sweater can’t be very warm! She’s blue!


Now I wish I a. knew how to knit, and b. lived in a climate where I could wear this sweater. Learning to knit is doable, but Hawaii isn’t sweater-friendly.


Exactly why I like to go to Boing Boing! Open source creative doing wonderful things. I am the exact opposite of disappointed, Boing Boing!


I see snow.

Snow is sweater-friendly.


I moved to Hawaii to get away from that cruft!!


Any spare wool can also easily be re-purposed into a Lasso of Truth.


Great find, @doctorow - this is really delightful. I love the retro look. I appreciate the efforts that Ms. Bursztyn has put into it and that she has made the pattern available online for free.


after the R2-D2 and brain slug toques, this is on the list of “mooooom, pleeeeease?”


Linen yarn, short sleeves?


I made a tiara to go with, but the lasso would be a great excuse to make i-cord.

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