500 Year Old Shuri Castle Destroyed By Fire


They said that the castle was destroyed in 1945.

if that’s the case, the destruction of the artifacts housed within may be the real tragedy.

UNESCO expresses solidarity with Japan as fire rips through World Heritage site in Okinawa

From the unesco report establishing the World Heritage site

The state hall (Heiden) was a three-storeyed palatial structure with a hipped gabled roof, facing south-west, built on an elevated foundation platform with stone balustrades in front and along the sides of the approach stairway. Its decoration displays unique Ryukyuan features, most notably the front eaves of the gables, which have large dragon sculptures, in Chinese style. Only the first and second floors were used, the second being lavishly decorated, as befitted its use as the royal throne and reception room. The hall was surrounded by a state courtyard (Unâ), with large halls on either side; the northern of these, in Chinese style, was used for receiving and accommodating Chinese delegations, whilst the other was in Japanese style and served the same purpose for Japanese delegations.

The hall was destroyed by fire repeatedly, most recently and comprehensively during World War II. It had, however, been thoroughly recorded before the war, and exhaustive archaeological excavations took place before the present reconstruction was made.

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